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Stem words?

Search Tips

  • AND: By default the search tool looks for files that contain all the words in the search query. Searching for "knitting mittens" is the same as searching for "knitting AND mittens".
  • OR: If you want to search for files that contain any of the search words, use the word "OR". It can also be in lowercase; search words "knitting OR mittens" and "knitting or mittens" return the same results.
  • NOT: You can limit the number of records returned by not including certain search words, e.g. "knitting NOT mittens".
  • WILDCARDS: The asterisk character (*) can be used to search for files that contain a portion of the search word. For example, if you want to find all the pages with the words "knitting" or "knitted", you can simply search with the word "knit*".
  • STEMMING: The same can be achieved by checking the "Stem words?" checkbox under the input field. Note: word stemming works best with English language search words.
  • SHORT WORDS: The minimum requirement for a valid search word is four characters. Words shorter than this will be ignored.